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What is Oh Luna?

Oh Luna is a small business that sells handmade jewelry made from freshwater pearls, gold and stainless steel.

Our mission is to make you shine. We hope that you will not only find your favorite jewelry but also the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

What is the best way to combine my Oh Luna jewelry?

You can find a lot of inspiration on our social media channels. You can easily find all of our accounts at the bottom of the page by clicking on the respective icons, or in the menu under "Inspiration source".

What materials do you use?

Our pearl jewelry consists of real freshwater pearls that we work into your jewelry by hand. Our freshwater pearls are 100% natural, so each pearl is as unique as Mother Nature formed it. Because of this, not all pearls are the same shape or size.

Gold vermeil jewelry is made of 925 silver and covered with several thick layers of 18k gold. Only recycled gold and silver are used in jewelry making.

Stainless steel is a very durable material which makes stainless steel jewelry waterproof and hypoallergenic.

I don't know my ring size. Can you help?

Not sure which ring size suits you best? No problem! In our ring guide we show you step by step how to measure your ring size.

You can find the Ring Guide either at the bottom of the bar or at the top of the menu under "About".

What is the best way to care for my jewelry?

Since our jewelry is made of different and carefully selected high-quality materials, it is important to know how best to care for your new piece of jewelry so that it has a long life.

With these tricks you give your jewelry a long life:

There are basically three golden rules you should follow:

1. Clean your jewelry regularly using a soft cloth and mild detergent with lukewarm water.

2. In order to give your jewelery a long life, we always recommend that you take off your jewelery before exercising and showering, especially to avoid scratches.

3. It is best to store your jewelry separately in the accompanying bag or jewelry box in a dry and light-protected place.

You can find more information in the menu bar under "About" and "Jewelry Care Guide".

Can I go to the swimming pool with my jewellery?

We advise you to always remove your jewelry before contact with water to be on the safe side, especially if it comes into contact with chemicals such as chlorine or care products. Freshwater pearls in particular are very sensitive. They come out of the water, but don't want to go back there ;)


Is shipping free?

We currently offer free shipping within Germany from a purchase value of 70€.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship our jewelry worldwide. Note the change in shipping costs.

How long does delivery take?

Shipping within Germany takes 2-4 working days depending on the time of your order. If you live outside of Germany, find out how long it will take for shipping to you in the bottom bar of the website under the keyword "Shipping".

About Us

Who is behind Oh Luna?

Oh Luna was not only created out of love for jewelry but also out of love for detail. Our mission is to spoil you with your favorite jewelry and make it your everyday companion.

Oh Luna owes its existence to a spontaneous trip to Rhodes by two students. There the first designs of our jewelry were created on the beach of Kallithea.

The biggest inspiration for us was not only the sea, but also the local markets like in Lindos, with all its colors and smells.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at hello@ohlunajewelry.com with your request, or you can fill out the contact form under the menu item "Contact".

Can I take a look behind the scenes?

You want to look behind the scenes of Oh Luna? Then follow us on Instagram (@oh.luna.official) or on TikTok (@ohluna.official) to follow us regularly during production, to get inspiration or to take a look at our everyday life.

Have you found all the answers but not your favorite jewelry yet? Then let yourself be inspired here: